Gulfstream G450

Branded oval portholes, a long wing and a high tail stabilizer create a recognizable image that will accentuate your high status


8 056

Range, km/h




Cruise speed, km/h


Cabin height, m

33 838

Maximum takeoff weight, kg


Bulk hold volume, m3


The Gulfstream G450 boasts one of the largest cabins in its class. As a rule, the height of the ceiling allows even a tall passenger to stand at full height. The cabin is divided into three comfort zones, where the climate is individually controlled and the optimized circulation of fresh air and pressure reduces fatigue in flight.

Whether you choose the Gulfstream G450 for your business charter or personal travel, you will benefit from ample light shining through large oval windows, ideal fresh air on board and enhanced soundproofing for unmatched comfort for work and relaxation during your flight.

Gulfstream G450

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