Airbus A320

A great solution for flights of government delegations, sports teams, corporate employees and family members


5 700

Range, km/h




Cruise speed, km/h


Cabin height, m

73 500

Maximum takeoff weight, kg


Bulk hold volume, m3


Airbus A320
Airbus ACJ320 features one of the most spacious and tallest cabins in this class of aircraft, allowing passengers to move freely during the flight.The vertical winglets reduce the inductive drag of the wing that improves fuel efficiency and helps to reduce noise and harmful emissions

Airbus ACJ320 is equipped with fly-by-wire control system which ensures maximum flight safety. Like all Airbus airliners, the VIP aircraft are certified for landing in adverse weather conditions. This allows passengers to be safely transported to their destination even when the weather worsens.The prevalence of the Airbus A320 family of airliners contributes to the availability of maintenance opportunities anywhere in the world

Airbus A320

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